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About Us

We are a young studio working on design outcomes through an inquiry based, process driven approach, juxtaposed with understanding human behaviour and sensibilities.

Our team has an industry experience of 9+ years of intensive hands-on and on the ground project experiences in the area of consumer electronics, healthcare, consumer lifestyle and home decor , FMCG packaging, Branding , Communication graphics and digital solutions.

Applying Design thinking for holistic problem solving on a strategic level, our approach is focused on finding and addressing crucial insights, problem areas and delivering solutions that align with the client’s vision, direction and need. 

Principal Designer
Kushboo Shah, an industrial product designer, is the Principal Designer at Juxta. With over a decade of working in the industry, she has explored design through various unique projects and work experiences that has widened the spectrum of her interest and thus her practice. Alongside her design practice, Kushboo is keen and passionate about design education and dribbles into it through design workshops for non-design and working professionals, offering unique courses for product design colleges. She has been associated with IIT-Gandhinagar for their design thinking workshops and modules since 2019.
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