Industrial Design

  • Physical products of user interaction

  • Consumer electronics

  • Lifestyle and home decor products

  • From concept to production ready solutions

Packaging Design

  • Structural Packaging

  • Packaging Graphics

  • Consumer Goods Packaging

  • KLD planning and printing support

Experience & Strategy

  • Holistic brand and product experience

  • Brand communication collaterals

  • Problem solving

  • Innovation driven System & Service Design

Over a span of five years, we are thrilled to
have worked with exciting start-ups, blooming
businesses and some legacy brands.

Studio Juxta

We truly believe in the power of design
thinking as a mindset to empower people and
organizations, enabling them to solve problems creatively.

We have conducted workshops in educational institutes and for professional communities introducing Design Thinking methodology to incorporate it in their contexts. The positive responses and fruitful projects encourage us to make this mindset more broadly known and incorporated. At Juxta, we are exploring the possibility of engaging with various communities and groups for the same in the form of workshops and short courses.

A bit of our headspace, our journey
through design and some project case studies.