Structural packaging of coffee drip kit

Client: Democratic.co

Project Year: 2019-20

Role:  Structural packaging design | Problem solving | Development and production details 

The camera was developed during the  the initial stage of covid, when body temperatures was a criteria for screening for covid positive symptoms. 
We worked along with the tech team at Optimised to create a product that for quality and IP compliances.

As they developed the internal components and its working, we worked on the enclosure, understanding its use, need for maintenance and component assembly requirements. 

Concept development 

Design exploration per their technical and functional requirements, for cost effective and feasibility, ideal for its envisioned usage and anticipated weather conditions.

Pilot batch production of the enclosure

Our scope of work included designing the enclosure and developing a beta batch of 30-40 products for it’s immediate usage at certain stations for the Indian Railways for mass thermal screening. 
The low volume batch production was compliant of the  needed IP standards and structural strength similar to injection molding. 

Material : ABS, IP 67 compliant, Vacuum casting for batch production.

Post its primary covid thermal temperature usage, it has been tested and used for insurgency surveillance purposes by the military.

Rel- Eye’s coverage in media, exhibit at Vibrant Gujarat '24 and Defense Expo '22
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