Modular Gazebo Design

For Rotomolding specific manufacturing process

Role :

Industrial design | Product design |

Design for Modularity

Year :



For Platypus Design Labs

Objective: To design a modular gazebo structure that can be assembled on site, mass manufactured by rotomolding process as the primary process. Ideally, these for weekend homes and residential plots where on site construction is prohibited. The approach to this project was manufacturing process driven.
A unique brief for a Gazebo Design.

The client company were into rotomolding manufacturing plan as their established business. 

To broaden their product spectrum and attend to the prefabricated structure requirements, they asked us to design the roof such that it can be manufactured by Rotomolding.  

The roof is designed in 4 parts, made of 2 sets of mirror image patterns that can be manufactured at once, as a closed shell.

So the whole roof is made by 2 enclosed shell structures. 



Modular Frame Structure

Supported on 2 columns and an underlying metal frame, the rotomolded roof rests on a structure that sits on the two C- section WPC columns.

This makes the structure, modular, light in weight, yet sturdy to stand the heavy rains and storms alike.


Rainwater collection through the foliage pattern

The surface of a roof depicts a foliage pattern that is designed with various slopes, such that rain water flows down through the C- sectioned columns, from the lowest point of the rotomolded module. 

The C sectioned columns are enclosed and sealed with translucent polymer surface for the ater to be seen. 

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