Ergonomic Handle 

For Cold Storage Doors

Role :

Industrial product design |
Problem Solving |
Product Semantics | Ergonomics

Year :



Icemake, for
Platypus Design labs,

The Brief:

To design a handle for specific mechanism developed for cold storage doors. Design for safety, efficient use, comfort and aesthetics, aligning with manufacturing possibilities of the          client company.

Product Requirement

Pull the handle to close the door,
once entered.
Push the lever to open the door.
The lever if pulled repeatedly,
can cause damage or
breakage to the mechanism.

Understanding User Scenario

Young adults, mid to old aged; carrying goods.


Pre occupied mind. Opening/ closing doors should be minimum effort.

Drastic temperature changes at entry- low temperature.

Heavy goods trolley


Gloved hands / uncovered cold hands giving poor grip control.

Locking of the door by
mistake can cause serious
accident and chaos.

Concluding our research - design of the handle should be :


Safe & Comfortable

Product should communicate
it’s use effectively.

Form for ideal grip and
interaction oriented design.

Concept Development

Form is Function

This design Unifies two separate    entities resolving the problem technically & aesthetically.
Designed focused on avoiding lever pulling error. 
Ambidextrous Design.
Comprehended with an intuitive design to push.
To pull, the hand conveniently grips only the handle designed for it.

Lever at Rest

Lever when Pushed

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