Structural packaging of coffee drip kit

Client: Democratic.co

Project Year: 2019-20

Role:  Structural packaging design | Problem solving | Development and production details 

The Brief:

Democratic Coffee wanted us to design a unique coffee drip kit for them, resolving the problems and limitations in the readily available kits in the current market. 

What we love about such small and problem oriented project is the fundamental understanding of structure, working mechanism and finding the real challenge to address

The process

It was an intense and interesting project in understanding simple paper structures and how small bends and cuts can add strength in various ways. 

Small details big impact

Designing a drip kit that sits on coffee mugs of all the possible diameters was a tricky place to begin with.
We started with multiple locking slots on all 4 of its ‘wings’  and simplified the structure to a single slot instead, to take care of wide spectrum of mug diameters from 60-100 mm.

DripKit design is patented and owned by @democraticco .

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