Functional Aesthetics for everyday tableware

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Concept, Product design and Development



Functional | Warm | Playful | Young | Versatile  stoneware ceramic collection with silhouettes and aesthetics that strongly resonates with the brand perception.

More products awaited from the 12 product collection designed.

We were a part of the project since day1 and worked with the founder to understand their vision for the brand and the story they want to tell through their products. 
For both of us, it was extremely important that the forms and aesthetics are rooted in a deeper functional context and not mere decorations.

Designed to sip, hold, pour (& play ) ;
Designed to enhance the everyday experiences.

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T Mug

The 3 dimensional T handle is a simple reintervention to the regular 2D handles, adding a supportive thumb grip to make the 300ml mug’s weight feel good on your palm and wrist;  and your eyes too 🙂 .

The daily Mug

A mug just trying to have fun. This design transcends from exploring how we can move away from cylindrical forms, yet keep it casual for everyday use. 

The handle here, balances the weight and form, adding to the playful essence. 

1+1 Set

What started as a concept for the traditional filter coffee set, it evolved into a more versatile set, kept open ended for the users to play around with. 

The unified form seeks balanced for its volume and silhoutte both, while being an ideal grip to hold them to pour, sip or hold. 

Big Chill – Jug

This design was born from the need of creating a jug without a handle; simplified yet has a distinct character of itself. 

The asymmetric form fits a cosy hugging palm grip that suffices for a heavy 650 ml container with a beak that accentuates a quirky silhouette. 

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The process

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